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Our family certainly knows the meaning of chaos and illness. As stated in earlier posts, Lisa's epilepsy become severe in her teens and left her trapped at home with feelings of exhaustion, frustration, anxiety, and more. But that was not our only illness at home. Our mom suffered from fibromyalgia which left her in chronic pain and fatigue as she tried to care for us kids. Our dad was overly burdened at a demanding job as he sought to provide for us and didn't know how to handle the emotional burdens there and at home. Our younger brother struggled with anxiety for a time and Sarah and Laura were left trying to help Mom and Dad as they wanted to help lessen some of the burdens. Later Laura started struggling with anxiety and other health issues started creeping up.

Every one of us was in a state of survival, just treading water to stay afloat. The more times we sought treatment for Lisa with no success the harder the battle seemed as we started to lose hope. It was easy to get lost in the chaos of trying to survive as we'd never been through anything like it before. We weren't sure how to ask for help and often felt alone, but there was hope and things that got us through.

Chronic Illness Hope

First and foremost our faith in Christ sustained us. Even on the darkest of days when it was hard to trust, we ultimately knew that God was in control and would take care of us. The promises in His Word gave us the hope to go on when we wanted to give up. Also, prayer. Yes, our own prayers strengthened us, but some days the prayers of others were even more important for getting us through. I remember when Lisa eventually had her brain surgery that we were so grateful for the prayers of others because in the moment we couldn't even think to pray.

Friends and family were also vitally important in the midst of the chaos and sometimes it was the littlest of things that mattered. In youth group for Laura, it was the few friends who always asked about how Lisa was doing. The friends who housed Jared and Laura when Mom and Dad were at the hospital with Lisa (Sarah was away) was a great blessing and gave Laura and Jared a time of fun that they needed. The people who fixed meals during Lisa's brain surgery and took the time to stay and talk for a moment. The cards sent to encourage Lisa. The paramedic at church and the older gentlemen (like grandfathers) who always asked about Lisa. We also supported each other as a family with hugs, long talks, spending time together, encouraging each other to keep going and trust God. All these things give glimmers of light through chaos and helped us during a time when so much seemed dark and hopeless.

Do you need encouragement? Are you in the midst of chaos? Feel free to write to us if you need advice on asking for help and finding resources to help you in your time of chaos. There is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel! To hear about the light at the end or our tunnel, stayed tuned for future blog posts!

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