Abigail's Need

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Abigail is a young wife and mother who has gone through a great deal in her young life. Among other health issues, she is now facing a rare brain disorder that is threatening to take her vision as well as causing her great pain and depression. Medicals bills are preventing her from seeing the specialist she needs.

Pine and Sunshine is working to raise money for her medical bills and you can help. There are two ways to give. One, 10% of all sales for the month of July goes to support Abigail. Two, if you would like to give to Abigail directly you can donate on her fundraising page (https://www.givesendgo.com/abigailsneed) as well as leave her a message of encouragement.

Abigail is such a great example of finding victory and hope through hardship. Despite all she's gone through in her life, she shines with love for others and trusts God through her trails. She adores her son and showers him with love. She loves and supports her husband and often thinks of others first. Through her present trial she has often reached out, not to ask for anything but to make sure I'm doing ok! She has such a heart of compassion and love.

If able to give anything, whether through a purchase or donation, we know it will be truly appreciated. Thanks!

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